Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries

The GRSF PRE VLAB is used to validate new content in the GRSF Knowledge Base. The GRSF team uses this environment to validate new data harvested from 3 global GRSF sources that will be published into the GRSF Admin and GRSF VREs.

All GRSF environments are connected to the Blue Cloud Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and all geospatial referenced content can be viewed in context of other data accessible within the BlueCloud (e.g. EMODNet bathymetry). The SDI behind the upgraded GRSF viewer (OpenFairViewer) is continuously enriched if FAIR compliant data are made available. Dependent on their metadata, they are Interoperable across upgraded R and R Shiny based visualization and analytical tools

Access the VLab Access the VLab

The VLab is currently made available to selected users only.

Users willing to consult GRSF records are kindly invited to join the GRSF publicly available repository.